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Our Team

OMGTV!!!TM is the brainchild of our founder and solves the problem of finding and watching IPTV television, radio and CCTV channels.  Here is more information about our team:



Richard, Founder / CEO

Richard is the founder and CEO of OMGTV!!!  Richard is an active user of KODI and wanted to solve the problem of finding IPTV channels and easily watching them on KODI.  Richard has several Raspberry Pi's all running Kodi and being able to find and watch interesting channels from across the world was a challenge.  OMGTV!!! solves that problem.  


Rohit, Lead Developer


Rohit is the lead developer of OMGTV and responsible for our website and all related software development, testing and deployment.  When he's not working, you will find him on the nearest rooftop modeling for GQ or just enjoying the view.  



Rob, Payments Developer

RobRob is our payments developer and responsible for the secure processing of payments.  Rob developed the integration of OMGTV into our payments provider and the seamless and simple way to subscribe to our service.   When Rob's not working, you will find him on a rooftop pondering life's mysteries.