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Our Pricing

Here are our services & pricing:

Service Bronze Silver Gold
Favorites List 1 1 1 (3 Coming Soon)
Channels Per List 15 50 150
Unlimited Devices Y Y Y
Electronic Program Guide (EPG) Y Y Y
Shared Bookmarks N Coming Soon Coming Soon
Multiple URL's of Bookmarks N Y Y
Access to Forums & Channel Comments Coming Soon! Coming Soon! Coming Soon!
  Always Free!

Free for Now
$4.95 USD / Month
Starting 2023

Free for Now
$7.95 USD / Month
Starting 2023

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Favorites are just that - your favorite channels.  When you create your account, you can bookmark channels as Favorites and you can watch those channels on any device.  

Channels Per List

We offer a single list of favorite channels to start.  All your bookmarks will be saved to that 1 list.  In the near future, we will offer our subscribers multiple lists so they can have different Favorites for different devices.

Unlimited Devices

You can access your Favorites on as many devices as you want.  There are no limitations.  As long as your device or app supports the M3U file format, you can access your Favorites on any device from anywhere at any time.  

Electronic Program Guide

Once we finalize our channel services, we will offer a synchronized Electronic Program Guide (EPG).  You will be able to see upcoming shows for the channels in your Favorites lists.  

Shared Bookmarks & Groups

Right now, we allow our subscribers to create personal Favorites.  In the near future, we will allow our subscribers to share their Favorite channels and their Favorite groups of channels.  

Multiple URL's of Bookmarks

With all the channels you can bookmark we offer different ways to access your channels.  For Bronze subscribers, we offer one list for all your channels.  For Silver and Gold subscribers, we offer different lists to access television or radio or CCTV.    

Access to Forums & Channel Comments

All subscribers can comment on channels as well as submit comments and questions to our Forums.