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KodiKODI is an open source media center that streams videos and music from the Internet through your TV.  Kodi supports OMGTV!!! and lets you watch your bookmarks and view program guides 'out of the box'.  It's actually amazing.  

You can run KODI on a Raspberry Pi and create your own Internet Set Top Box: OSMC.TV is all about Kodi on a Raspberry Pi.  We are big fans of OSMC.  We have Raspberry Pi's running OSMC on almost every TV and spare monitor we own.  


Once you have KODI up and running, you need to configure it to watch your OMGTV!!! Bookmarks.  We have an Add On that automatically configures Kodi to access your bookmarks.  You can also follow the instruction below.  


Configure Kodi Yourself

We highly recommend you use our Kodi Add On to configure OMGTV!!!.  However, you can also configure Kodi yourself - this video shows how.  Below are the URL's you can access:

Free Watch List

You can quickly try our service using our FREE playlist.  In Kodi or your favorite app, configure these URLs to watch some great TV channels and view their program guides:  
  • Great Watch List -
  • Program Guides -

Enjoy our playlist.  We hope it convinces you to setup your own account with your own favorites. 



URL's for our Subscribers

Bronze Subscribers

For our Bronze Subscribers, you can access all your channels using this URL:

  • All Channels -<< Your Email Address >>
  • Program Guides -<< Your Email Address >>


Silver & Gold Subscribers

For our Silver and Gold Subscribers, you can filter your channels by Television & Radio or CCTV

  • All Channels -<< Your Email Address >>
  • Television & Radio Channels -<< Your Email Address >>
  • CCTV Channels -<< Your Email Address >>
  • Program Guides -<< Your Email Address >>


There are some detailed explanations from the KODI team as well: