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Welcome to our initial Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.  This page covers the most asked questions.  

What is an Internet Streaming or IPTV Channel?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television.  Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is an Internet standard for broadcasting video & audio across the Internet, and there are at least 10,000 channels doing that right now.  OMGTV!!! is an easy to use catalog of those IPTV channels.  

Why don't Some Channels Work?

OMGTV!!! tries to ensure all channels in our catalog are active and working.  However, channels might not work for several reasons:

  • Geographic limitations: some channels can only be watched from certain physical regions.  These are usually labelled as "Geo Restricted" in the title of the channel.  If a channel is not working for you, it may be that its not available in your geographic location.
  • Not All Channels are 24*7:  Many IPTV channels do not broadcast 24*7.  While some of those channels will broadcast a message like "We'll be Right Back", other channels just stop transmitting entirely.  So if the channel is not working for you, it might just not be transmitting.
  • Broken Addresses: And yes, the last option is that OMGTV!!! has a link to a 'dead' channel.  Unfortunately, channels change their web address and OMGTV!!! might have an old address that is not working.  Please notify us in our forums and we'll do our best to fix the link.   

What is an Electronic Program Guide (EPG)?

Electronic Program Guides are exactly that - a guide of upcoming shows for a channel.  OMGTV!!! has about hundreds of channels with a program guide.  

When will you start billing?

Right now our service is free.  We have more work to do to make our service production ready.  We don't yet have a timeline to start billing, but we can guess probably in January 2023.

Why can't I see all my channels on my device?

You can bookmark as many channels as you want.  However, your devices will only be able to access the number of channels allowed for your service level (Bronze, Silver, Gold).  The channels are sorted by group (television, radio, CCTV) and then in alphabetical order.  Your devices will only see the first ones from your bookmarks up to the limit of your subscription.

How can I add my own channels?

While we hope we have every IPTV channel, we might miss a few.  If you have channels that you think we should add, please let us know.

What is your refund policy?

We are a small business and only charge nominal fees for our service, so we do not provide refunds.  If you cancel your service before the expiration, you will have access to our premium services until the expiration.  At expiration, you can still use our free Bronze service.  If you have any doubts about our service, please use our Bronze (free) service as long as you want and upgrade when you are ready.  

How do I Cancel?

We're sorry to see you go, but it's simple to cancel our service.  Just logon, go to your account and downgrade to the Bronze level.  Cancellation is immediate - we will no longer charge your account.  Your current level of service will remain until the end of your billing cycle.  The good news is with the Bronze level, you can still access 15 channels for free.

Please tell us why you cancelled.  

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Is Your Service Legal?

Our service is perfectly legal: we offer links to publicly available websites that broadcast appropriately licensed content.  Providing links to those sites along with relevant content is legal based on a variety of precedents123, 4.