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OMGTV!!!TM Guide is Your Best Source for IPTV Channels.  

We catalog Legally Available IPTV Streams from across the Internet and let you Bookmark your Favorites.  We also let you upload and bookmark your M3U files so you can watch your current channels AND add to our catalog. 

We have the best Video and Audio Channels from across the Web because we keep adding channels AND our members add their channels as well - the best of both worlds.  Our IPTV Guide includes local News, Public, Education and Government (PEG) channels and foreign language channels in both their native language and English.

And you can watch them on your television using KodiTM, on your your IPAD or any IPTV ready device.    

So our site lets you - 

To make life simple, we integrate with almost any IPTV ready device with a very simple interface.  To watch on your TV, we integrate with the KodiTM IPTV Simple Client - so you can watch your Favorite Internet TV Channels on your Big Flat Screen - and finally cancel cable.

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